Pele 80 years old

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Dondinho and CelesteeMuseu do Esporte

Dondinho and Celeste, Pelé's parents.

The little DicoeMuseu do Esporte

The boy Edson Arantes of Birth, affectionately called “Dico”.

Bauru Athletic ClubeMuseu do Esporte

The boy Pelé and his companions in Bauru AC.

Pelé in the Santos Futebol Clube (1957)eMuseu do Esporte

One of the first pictures of Pelé no Santos and the young Pelé signing his first professional contract at Santos FC, in 1957.

The World Cup is ours (1958)eMuseu do Esporte

Brazilian players celebrate the conquest of the 1958 World Cup after beating Sweden, the owner of the house, 5x2.

Replica of the shirt worn by Pelé in the 1958 Cup final, when Brazil won its first world title.

The greatest piece of art by Pelé (1959)eMuseu do Esporte

Considered the most impressive goal of Pelé's career, scored against Juventus on 02/08/1959, at Rua Javari stadium, in São Paulo. At the celebration, for the first time, Pelé threw the “punch in the air”, which became his trademark.

The goal plate (1961)eMuseu do Esporte

Plate in honor of the beautiful goal scored by Pelé in Santos's victory over Fluminense by 3 to 1, in 3/5/1961, in Maracanã/RJ. At the suggestion of journalist Joelmir Beting, he deserved this tribute at the stadium, becoming the first “Placa Goal” of Brazilian Football.

In highlight, the famous game in which Pelé scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history of Maracanã, the “Goal de Placa”.

The Bi from Brazil (1962)eMuseu do Esporte

Even with Pelé injured, Brazil becomes two-time world champion.

thousand goals (1969)eMuseu do Esporte

Tribute to the thousandth goal of Pelé

Foil commemorative stamps for the thousandth goal, launched by Post Office in 1969.

By penalty, Pelé scores his 1000th goal while his colleagues were waiting for him in the middle of the field.

The King's Cup (1970)eMuseu do Esporte

Considered the greatest selection of all time, the team led by Pelé enchants the world and conquers the tri-world.

The farewell in headline (1971)eMuseu do Esporte

Shirt worn by Pelé in his first farewell from the Brazilian National Team, on 11/7/1971. In this match Pelé scored his last national goal against Austria in a 1—1 draw at Morumbi. For the first time the three stars were worn on the shirt. Scepter and Crown of the Brazilian National Team's farewell. Received with the crown, at the end of the match in which he said goodbye to the Brazilian National Team in São Paulo, on 11/7/1971. Cover of Manchete magazine highlighting the farewell of Pelé da Seleção Brasileira.

Parting Santos Futebol Clube (1974)eMuseu do Esporte

The end of an era. On the night of 02/10/1974, Pelé says goodbye to Santos FC in a match against Ponte Preta in Vila Belmiro.

New York Cosmos (1976)eMuseu do Esporte

Pelé is greeted by then-American President Jimmy Carter. A new era begins in football in the United States. Jersey from New York Cosmos, USA, worn in the 1976 season. Pennant “Pelé sayonara game in Japan” - Tour promoted by Warner Communications, owner of the New York Cosmos, for Pelé's farewell in Asia, before the official farewell against Santos - Printed paper - 1977. Ball of the North American Football League, with dedication of former US President Jimmy Carter - Synthetic Leather with prints — 1976.

The heart in the yellow (1976)eMuseu do Esporte

Incredible snapshot by Luiz Paulo Machado, on 06/10/1976, in the game Brasil x Flamengo.

Emblematic image of Pelé celebrating his goal against Italy in the 1970 Cup final. The definitive consecration of the Football King.

Athlete of the century (1981)eMuseu do Esporte

In 1981, Pelé was elected “The Athlete of the Century” in a promotion of L'Equipe Magazine and the Athlete of the Century trophy, won by Pelé.

Panels SerieMuseu do Esporte

Panels made by plastic artist Seri, recording Pelé's goals.

A rare encounter of sports legends (1999)eMuseu do Esporte

Featured, Pelé in the center surrounded by the sports stralas. From the left: Bob Beamon, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Billie Jean King, Evander Hollyfield, Chris Evert, John Elway, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Monica Seles, Carl Lewis, Jack Nicklaus, Joe Montana, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Pelé, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Pete Sampras.

Gold Ball (2014)eMuseu do Esporte

For not playing in Europe, Pelé never ran for FIFA Ballon d'Or, the much-desired Golden Ball. After a fair review, Pelé was honored in 2014 with his trophy, which he would have won seven times. Thrilled, Pelé receives his Golden Ball.

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