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Discover the projects tackling ecology and criticism of consumer society at the fourth edition of Hybrid Art Fair 2020, the international fair for contemporary art.

By Boreal Projects

Pow wow (2020)Boreal Projects

Several projects at the fourth edition of Hybrid Art Fair engage with issues related to ecology and consumerism. Artistic explorations on the consequences of living in a world deep in environmental crisis.

Discover the submissions from Susana Pardo Gallery, Barcelona (Spain); Pow Wow, Marousi (Greece); Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei (Taiwan); and TSUC, Jávea (Spain).

Susana Pardo (2020)Boreal Projects

Susana Pardo Gallery

Susana Pardo Gallery is a relocated space whose aim is to facilitate the intersection between different ways of creating, producing, and distributing contemporary art. A place where virtual and live art collide, and where the visual oscillates from experiential to certified, whether in a written document, audiovisual, or image.

Tree for a landscape by Manuel GranadosBoreal Projects

Árbol para un paisaje (Tree for a Landscape), Manuel Granados.

The artist tackles the rising modern crisis surrounding waste and contamination generated by our current production methods.

Manuel Granados' work deals with the footprints our consumption leaves behind. His photographs depict the death of nature, poeticizing waste as an element capable of generating community.

Tree for a landscape by Manuel GranadosBoreal Projects

Árbol para un paisaje (Tree for a Landscape), Manuel Granados.

His Tree for a Landscape series recognizes the importance of connection between different elements; he projects onto any surface…

…and creates trees from waste products, objects salvaged from the trash, dead animals and plants, broken toys, plastic, textiles, and paper.

His work can be found at Susana Pardo Gallery

Pow wow (2020)Boreal Projects

Pow Wow

This space, established by Mary Roussioti and Carla Joyce, combines exhibitions with experiential games. The aim is to present and promote an environment that cultivates imagination and creativity, where both young and old can create either together or individually.

Spray on paper (2019) by Mary RoussiotiBoreal Projects

Spray sobre papel, Mary Roussioti.

The artists that participate in this space, each in their own way, take the audience to parallel worlds where growth is dysfunctional; it diminishes rather than increases and looks to the past to find new solutions for the future. Here, decadence is revealed as the result of growth.

Urban Talisman (2020) by Voula FerentinouBoreal Projects

Urban Talisman by Voula Ferentinou.

All the works form part of a series called "The Opposite of Growth."

Pills by Dimitra Giannakakou-Razelou “Mima”Boreal Projects

Pills, Mima.

Growth is a basic vital function: all organisms grow while they are alive. For the artist, "in our modern society, the concept of growth goes hand in hand with economic growth and is considered the epitome and a measure of the success of the system."

Stop motion animation (2018) by Despina NissiriouBoreal Projects

Stop motion animation, Despina Nissiriou.

The opposite of growth, i.e. recession, must be avoided; it is a terrifying prospect, symbolizing the death of the system.

Learn more about these submissions at Pow Wow.

Yuan Ru Gallery (2020)Boreal Projects

Yuan Ru Gallery

Founded in 2016, Yuan Ru Gallery is located in the center of Taipei city, with an impressive view of the Taipei 101 skyscraper. The gallery has an ambitious program of exhibitions and projects by both consolidated and emerging artists, with international prestige, and incorporates and offers the support necessary to future artists.

Blond Barbie Love Situation (2006) by Chien-Hsing LienBoreal Projects

Blond Barbie Love Situation, Chien-Hsing Lien.

Chien-Hsing Lien, from Taiwan, creates fantastic images with realist brushstrokes using a style known as "desolate magical realism." A realist magician in the world of art.

His work combines surrealist, imaginary scenes with more real situations, subtly developing a medley of feelings, from pessimism to utopian optimism.

Call me number one (2006) by Chien-Hsing LienBoreal Projects

These works, like "Call Me Number One," show his concern for the degradation of the natural environment and reflect on his musings around civilization and humanity.

His work also contains metaphors and ingenuity, as well as innocence and humor.

Learn more at his web page La Galería Yuan Ru.

Cadmium (2020)Boreal Projects

Cadmium Art Gallery

Cadmium Art Gallery is an online gallery that showcases emerging and international artists through graphic and virtual technologies, with the possibility of enjoying the original artworks at accessible prices.

Cadmium (2020)Boreal Projects

Culosdebolsa,by MRCQ

MRCQ plays with sculpture to compose a visual message around the waste overflowing from consumerist society.

Cadmium (2020)Boreal Projects

Discover all these artists at Cadmium Art Gallery.

TSUC (2020)Boreal Projects

The Sea Urchins Container

The Sea Urchins Container is an artistic residence in Jávea, in a privileged location in the city's port, just 164 feet from the sea. Various artistic activities are held every two years in collaboration with the commissioner, Carlota LoveArt. Current activity is focused on research.

Goat queen sofia by Evelyn Hellen SchmidtBoreal Projects

The theme of the exhibit presented at the fourth edition of Hybrid centers on the conservation of biodiversity and raising awareness of climate change.

Their web page can be found at The Sea Urchins Container.

Little molli (2019) by Gloria SantacruzBoreal Projects

Little Molli, Gloria Santacruz.

This is also the theme of the next edition of the residence, which is supported by the Faculties of Fine Arts and Information Technology of the Complutense University of Madrid.

TSUC (2020)Boreal Projects

The project hopes to assemble artists and technologists, applying interdisciplinary research and collaboration, to generate ideas, objects, works, and tools that can help slow down the environmental, biological, and climate degradation that the planet is experiencing.

Doblenest self portait by Evelyn Hellen SchmidtBoreal Projects

Nest Self-Portrait, Evelyn Hellen Schmidt.

A small act, like changing the way you do something, also entails a creative change.

This premise is demonstrated by U.S. research centers, where artists, computer technicians, philosophers, and others work together to understand and shape a new reality that needs to be created in a multifaceted way.

Logo of Hybrid 1Boreal Projects

Hybrid Art Fair

All these projects were presented at the fourth edition of Hybrid Art Fair, the international fair for contemporary art, held from February 28 to March 1, 2020 in Madrid.

Credits: Story

This exhibit was created in collaboration with Boreal Project for Hybrid Art Fair.. The international fair of contemporary art celebrated its fourth edition in the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara, Madrid, from February 28 to March 1, 2020.

Find out more about the program through the Newsletter and social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Credits: All media
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