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From dinosaurs to the Mona Lisa, bring culture to you with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows you to project 3D models into the real-world through your phone camera

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Explore museums and play with Art Transfer, Pocket Galleries, Art Selfie, and more

Meet an ancient animal

Find out what they looked like when they roamed the earth... or take a closer look at their skeletons

See underwater without a snorkel

Choose a deep sea dweller to come to life in front of you

Feeling crabby?

Put one of these cool crustaceans in your bathtub

Play with a pangolin

Meet the other mammal that rolls up into a ball

Go back to the very beginning

Travel through time with augmented reality

The Story of Our Universe as Told by Tilda Swinton

Experience the Big Bang in augmented reality

Get lost in space

From infinity and beyond to your living room

Explore ancient artifacts

You don't have to visit a museum to see history up close

Heritage in your home

Step inside at-risk buildings in AR and witness the effects of climate change

A whole new wall game

Do some interior decorating in augmented reality

How to Hang a Masterpiece

Project the world's greatest artworks in augmented reality

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Pick a painting to hang

Which one would look best in your place?

Or try a sculpture on your coffee table

An art exhibition, anywhere

Explore a virtual gallery with augmented reality

What is Pocket Gallery?

Wander gallery rooms and see some of the world's best art all from inside your own home

Meet Vermeer

All of the artist’s paintings together for the first time in history
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Step inside the history of color

Unfinished business

Modelled from original plans - step inside the Bauhaus buildings that were never built

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