Celebrating Black Brazil

Explore the history, arts, and culture of Afro-Brazilian experience

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The Black Encyclopaedia

Pinacoteca of Sao Paulo invited selected artists to portray black personalities in Brazilian history

The gaze

This character’s eyes are in line with the horizon, which, by definition, is usually where our gaze falls. So, he faces us directly; his eyes and his face convey pride without being arrogant; we can also perceive his dignity, tranquility, strength, and lack of tension


A resource used to give the sensation of deepness is the repetition of shapes that get smaller the further they are, like the diminishing posts that make up the fence.

O Mestiço, by Candido Portinari

This painting composition follows a typical pattern of Italian Renaissance portraits: nobleman figures in the foreground stand out against bright landscapes set in perspective.

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... and in the past

Explore early photography of Brazilian people

African connection

Explore African art and traditions to understand how their influence lives today

Auto-retrato, by Octávio Araújo

His engravings and paintings are populated with hybrid creatures and fragmented human bodies, which appear between architectural ruins, a strange, exaggerated nature, and several references borrowed from Western art since the Renaissance.

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Carnival costumes

Explore traditional outfits from the black population of Pernambuco

Maracatu and the Alagoas Warrior: Afro-Brazilian Festivities

Get to know some of the traditions and clothes that celebrate Afro-Brazilian diversity