The Art and Soul of Mosul

Stories of resilience, revival, and recovery through culture

In collaboration with Al-Ghad Radio, Iraq

Al-Ghad Radio

Rising from the ruins

Discover what happened in Mosul during the ISIS occupation and how the city is being revived

The faces of Mosul

The innocents caught up in the occupation of Mosul

Explore the city

Voices from Mosul

Hear artists tell their stories from the occupation and discover how the residents are taking back Mosul

Listen to the Personal Experiences of Artists in Mosul

Intimate conversations covering the dark days of war and the city's cultural revival

Stories of loss and resilience

Explore artworks that capture the courage and spirit of Mosul's people

A new wave of art

Take a guided tour of new artworks created from the conflict

Raw emotion

Dramatic, distorted, and dreamlike

Destruction and displacement

The anguish and terror of the occupation

A vision of hope

The new life being built in Mosul

Explore the artworks by color

From turquoise blues to deep reds

Walk the streets of Mosul

See the war ravaged streets and how life is returning

Culture surviving against the odds

How people are living everyday life in a situation that's anything but

Reviving a symbol

Learn about the history, cultural significance, and destruction of the Al Nuri mosque at the heart of Mosul

The Challenges of Rescuing Heritage

Suzanne Bott explains the impact war and conflict has had on heritage sites in Iraq

Tour recreated sites in 3D

Explore the details of the historic Nuri Complex before they were destroyed

Recreating lost heritage

Zoom into 3D models of destroyed cultural artifacts

Set in stone

Discover some of Mosul's oldest buildings that still survive today

Explore more

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