Rising From the Rubble

What is it like to grow up in the streets of Mosul during and after the war

Al-Ghad Radio

Moyasser Nasser

Our Dreams (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

In times of war, children suffer the most

Many children were robbed of their childhood, forced into adulthood by war.     

After War (2017) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

The battlefield

The recent war on ISIS in Mosul left many people with physical and psychological injuries, making recovery among the rubble difficult for the residents of the city.  

Farah's Return (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

The prohibition of education was no less harmful to Maslawis than the physical demolition of this city and obliteration of its civilisation.

Here, children are returning to school despite the destruction, where learning brings hope.  

New Start (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

As the city slowly begins to recover, children can once again live and play in the streets of Mosul.  

Intermixture (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

And though the lasting effects of war remain, in the people of Mosul and the city itself, residents can once again feel hope for the future. 

The heavy burdens of conflict and oppression are slowly lifting from the shoulders of Mosul's children. 

Alleys of Hope (2019) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

Kids playing in the street

Surrounded by their heritage, Maslawi children are able to reclaim some of the joy of childhood.   

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