Dreams Under Protest

An in-painting tour

Awaiting Eyes (2019) by Hadeel Al-DulaimiAl-Ghad Radio

Hadeel Al-Dulaimi uses heavily stylised visual devices, dividing the canvas into three...

The open sky with barely any activity...

The middle ground showing ISIS weapons and the bombardment during liberation...

And wide-scale destruction raining down upon the third section filled with the mask-like faces of anguished and terrified Maslawi citizens.

The painting is almost tribal in character, using geometric patterns and forms to create drama and also simplify the language of the painting down to the bare destruction and pain that projects in its raw form from the canvas.

Colourful Mosul by Hadeel AldulaimeAl-Ghad Radio

Hadeel also paints the dream home of Mosul's people.

Hadeel Mohamed

"Especially to those who lost their houses during the war, or had to flee after being taken over by ISIS. So a safe home became a dream." -  Hadeel Al-Dulaimi

Credits: Story

Artworks by Hadeel Al-Dulaimi.

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