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Meticulous stippling by autistic artist Caleb



Caleb Lewis by Caleb LewisARTXV

Caleb Lewis

My name is Caleb and I currently live in Yorkshire, England. My pictures are exclusively rendered in pen and ink using small dots to create the image.

Persistent Echo by Caleb LewisARTXV

Withdrawal by Caleb LewisARTXV

As a child...

I spent a period in hospital. I felt like a vessel carrying a million fragments of a former self, some of which were pieced together like parts of a jigsaw, but those pieces themselves adrift from the larger whole. I have been trying to rearrange myself back ever since. 

Ignition by Caleb LewisARTXV

Much later in life...

I was diagnosed with autism. Like anyone, I've had a share of high turbulence running a thread through my days. I felt misshapen, and would be angry at myself that I couldn't yield to the shape of the world with no control over any area of my life when I discovered stippling during a doodling accident.

Persistent Echo C by Caleb LewisARTXV


helps to dissipate my nervous energy. The concentration required helps quieten internal noise, and generates a liberating equilibrium. It's an activity I feel I can reach my potential in free of impairment. A panacea fuelled by compulsion, and an antidote to weather the storms.

Caleb's Process by Caleb LewisARTXV

If an idea comes to mind...

I usually scrawl the initial concept on a napkin, receipt, or whatever is to hand to capture the essence and feeling. I don't limit the piece from being what it wishes to be. Where it leads, I follow, and let it decide what the final evolution will present as.

Caleb's Traces by Caleb LewisARTXV

From Leaf (Two) Sketch, Caleb Lewis, From the collection of: ARTXV
From Leaf (Two), Caleb Lewis, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Bridge by Caleb LewisARTXV

Whatever the subject or narrative of the piece...

a separate visual language defines space, peace, simplicity, and a quiet stillness without compression or claustrophobia. These qualities are lacking elsewhere in my life, and I find drawing them helps put them there.

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