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Discover the details of Maslawi homes in Mosul through the lens of photographer Moyasser Nasser

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Moyasser Nasseer

Perennial heritage by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

Made of history

A prominent theme of traditional Maslawi houses are their impressive exteriors, usually using stone and clay in the distinctive arches.  

Jews of Mosul (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

Jewish heritage in Mosul

Some houses, especially those belonging to Jewish Maslawis, are famous for their symmetrical gaps in the wall, which are covered with arches. 

To light and decorate their homes, residents would often fill these arches with books and candles.   

Spirit of Mosul (2017) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

Arches are among the most prominent characteristics of traditional Maslawi homes, and are an important facet of the distinctive architecture seen in the city.    

While their sizes and styles differ, their courtyards’ western walls are often shaded to create an idyllic outside space. 

Christ of Mosul (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

Christian heritage in Mosul

From the moment you enter Mosul's Old City, you'll notice the Church of the Clock, located amidst the minarets of surrounding mosques. The Old City is the historical heart of Mosul and embodies its diverse heritage. 

The area around the church is full of Christian families and today it is ready to open its doors once more.   

Inscriptions (2018) by Moyasser NasseerAl-Ghad Radio

The House of Asofi is one of the homes of a well-known Christian family in Mosul.

It features the beautiful, handmade inscriptions that decorate the facades of many traditional houses in the city.   

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