The Music of Life

Mosul through the eyes of its musicians.

Composer and musician Mohamed Mahmoud playing the violinAl-Ghad Radio

Art & Soul of Mosul

Mohamed Mahmoud

The composer Mohamed Mahmoud was born in the Old City of Mosul in 1968. He completed his studies at the University of Mosul.  

Composer and Musician Mohamed MahmoudAl-Ghad Radio

Mohamed learned how to play violin when he was ten years old, and it was his only hobby. He did not have a teacher and did not belong to a music institute; instead he learned to play in youth centres, and began playing at school events. 

He became the youngest violinist to join the state media group in Mosul.  

Composer and musician Mohamed Mahmoud playing the violinAl-Ghad Radio

Mohamed has participated in many international festivals in Iraq and beyond, such as the Babel Festival and the Jerash Festival in Jordan where he also worked with the singer Kazem Al-Saher.  

The Cultural Museum of Mosul, Royal hall, after renovationAl-Ghad Radio

Bringing music back to Mosul

Mohamed was interested in collaborating with Al-Ghad Radio: “I am a big fan of Al-Ghad. I noticed the radio’s great interest in music and art, especially when I saw the Return to Mosul Exhibition, which was held in the Mosul Museum. So, I started working with the radio and providing assistance to put on projects that serve music in this city”.    

Return to Mosul ExhibitionAl-Ghad Radio

Mohamed composed pieces of music after seeing the paintings in the Return to Mosul Exhibition. The paintings described the bitter reality the city had witnessed and reminded Mohamed of the memories of his upbringing in Mosul and the Old City.

Composer and musician Mohamed Mahmoud playing the violinAl-Ghad Radio

Mohamed began working with Al-Ghad on an orchestra project named ‘Wattar’. The projects aims to create a music group that brings together all the components of Nineveh and presents Mosul's folklore in a contemporary and modern style.

Colourful Mosul by Hadeel AldulaimeAl-Ghad Radio

The big house

The Big House

The house of Mosul is very special; it gathers together every family member. It is the house of love, cooperation, respect and appreciation.

The Mother of Two Springs: Mosul (2019) by Faris Al-RawiAl-Ghad Radio

It has been a symbol of unity for centuries among the people of Mosul, of mutual respect and cooperation among all.

Joy (2019) by Mohammed ThanoonAl-Ghad Radio

Shababeek Mawsiliya

The Windows of Mosul

One of the most beautiful things in the city are the balconies that overlook the streets, where pedestrians, salesmen and children work and play in the winding alleys.

The people of Mosul City by Ahmed MuzahimAl-Ghad Radio

The windows overlook a vibrant city, that remains in spite of the great destruction that occurred there in recent years.

The Glory of Mosul (2019) by Marwan TariqAl-Ghad Radio



This is Nineveh, with its ancient civilisation, restoring the hope of a better tomorrow; all crises will pass, and we must write the history of our city for future generations.

Allegory of Jonah and the Whale (2019) by Ahmed MuzahimAl-Ghad Radio

"Nineveh was always able to rise and flourish throughout history. We are now working to revive Nineveh once more and wipe away the dust of war."

A Study in Red (2019) by Fayha Nihad Al-AghaAl-Ghad Radio



Assyria stems from the ancient civilisation of Nineveh and its storied heritage. 

Winged on a Red Ground (2019) by Falah ShakarjiAl-Ghad Radio

"Walking through the streets of my city, seeing the Winged Bull and the Nirgal Gate, I feel its strength and solidity in the face of all the challenges it has faced in the past and the fierce war against ISIS."

Murder: Crows and Turtle Doves (2019) by Talal GhanimAl-Ghad Radio

Return to Mosul

Return to Mosul

Despite all the destruction and devastation in Mosul, the city will survive and rise again. It will shake off the dust of war, destruction and despair the people of Mosul experienced under the unmerciful, brutal and oppressive era of ISIS.

Portrait of a Maslawi Woman (2019) by Marwan FathiAl-Ghad Radio

People survived the crimes and abuses of ISIS through their cooperation and solidarity.

Welcome to Mosul (2019) by Mahmoud ShubbarAl-Ghad Radio

Amo Al-Bakal

The Street Vendor

"I imagine the movement of people in the city streets as they head out in the morning to buy the morning breakfast that brings the family together. After breakfast, the students go to their schools and the head of the household to work, and the housework begins."

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