Language and visual arts

2015-2nd semester (typogragphy, cartoons, portraits), 2013140443 Kim Na Young

I personally like the mood of this painting. The background seems like spring so it makes me feel warm and it's so peaceful.
I chose this picture for our team project, the anchorage to the title. It has an interesting title.
It has a cute typography!
I like this font, and I have seen this typography a lot in cartoons.
I think this is a very creative typography. It's showing in many ways how water is important and why water is significant to us.
This was unique, a cartoon like drawings drawn on the wall. Furthermore I think it's very colorful with pink and blue faces many background colors.
I chose this image because of the title's font. It's fancy on one hand and cute on the other hand. The typography is like the ones same for the word 'circus' that we usually have seen.
I like this typography! It's so cute and even though the title means a deep rooted tree, the typography is small and the lines are short. So it's like opposite of the title's meaning.
It has many different kinds of typography in this one poster and those are in a good harmony with the painting.
There won't be any typography more simple than this!
I like this typography the way they made the words into a train but it also seems simple because it's only used with black and white.
It's a fancy way to write nowhere. I first didn't notice what this word was but I could see the difference among the three last alphabets and recognized this. But I wonder what 19:4 means.
The title is the 'Theatre of Black Women.' However the picture looks like a man and this picture is only made of black and white. Furthermore, it's impressive how the alphabet 'o' is white.
It looks like an album of a singer in 2002. The image has the silhouette of a person's face and a glass of juice.
It's a cute little Italian girl!
This is an interesting poster. I wonder what it's written and it is emphasizing the title with a red color. Moreover, it's creative putting people around the letter like it's an obstacle.
It reminded me of the soap that I've seen a lot in Indonesia. I've seen many commercials about this and the typography is also very common.
She looks elegant.
This is one of the most famous painting of Gogh and it's himself.
I wonder if long time ago the ambassadors were dressed up like this.
Even though it's a same princess, it's different how they dressed up according to the country.
This boy looks like a girl. So I thought it was a pretty girl but it wasn't.
I felt the whole mood is dark it feels like a crow is going to appear.
Isn't this cute?
This portrait was also attractive. There's a portrait inside the portrait.
It's a cartoon from Japan. I can feel the tradition of Japan.
This is also cute! It shows how this boy washes his face. It's a same boy but to show the progress, the painter drew three of him.
I have never seen this kind of cartoon before. It has pictures and texts separately.
This is also a cartoon but doesn't have a lot of texts. If we just see this image, it might just look like an instruction.
This is also a cartoon but much more glamorous compared to cartoon right before this one.
I wonder how we can say this is a cartoon. Is this just a part of the whole cartoon?
I found this image when I searched for cartoon but I think it's more like a painting. It seems simple but I like it!
This seems like a cartoon from a story book! It's very colorful and the drawings are very simple. Also I like how the painter made the sky pink.
It's says wrong way in the title, so it shows a road, buildings, and people through the picture.
This is a maid, as the title said, but actually she doesn't look like one.
It looks like those two men are just talking but it's actually Simson threatening his father-in-law.
This is Moses. However if it wasn't the title, we wouldn't know whether it was Moses or not.
It has three faces and animals, however we don't know whether this is about allegory of prudence. Furthermore, I still don't know how it's related. Maybe the faces show the time and the lions also.
By only looking at the picture, we can't know whether this picture is about convalescent or not.