Raja Ravi Varma

The royal who became the most iconic Indian artist of all time (1848-1906)

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5 Things to Know About Raja Ravi Varma

He's one of India's greatest ever painters, but do you know the details?

The artist who filled our homes with color

Raja Ravi Varma brought color to the people with his pioneering mass printing in India

See Varma's rainbow

Explore Raja Ravi Varma's art through color

Meet the master

Learn more about the father of modern Indian art

Can you feel the music?

Listen and look

Go on a guided tour of his artworks to the tune of Indian classical music

Painting or photograph?

The realism of Ravi Varma's artistic process

Side by side

Photographer G Venket Ram recreates some of Ravi Varma's iconic works in photographs

Through the looking glass

How Ravi Varma mirrored every day life in his art

8 Powerful Emotions Painted by Raja Ravi Varma

Experience the full emotional spectrum with India's master of mood

What every wall needs

Calendars with the power of the gods

Explore his everyday scenes

From chores, to prayers, to haircuts

Flowers for hours

Lose yourself in Ravi Varma's colorful natural world

Can you pick out the petals?

Spot the flowers in Ravi Varma's works

Fans in high places

The people in the pictures

Explore the portraits

Power poses, props, and passion

Prints with a difference

How Ravi Varma revolutionised the way art was distributed in India

Explore the postcards, textile labels and matchbox art

Ravi Varma goes global

A sketch in time

The first steps in bringing his subjects to life

Old drawings, new tricks

Explore contemporary interpretations of Raja Ravi Varma's art

Inspiring a new generation

Discover Ravi Varma's lasting legacy

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