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Pair of crows

These two crows on the branch echo the two flying crows, and the crow pulling the crow catcher, to form three pairs of birds. What do these dark figures mean?

The eyes have it

The crow-catcher's eyes are the same yellow beads as the crow's. To catch their prey, the catcher has become crow-like themselves.

Surrealist skates

Leonora Carrington was a surrealist painter who fought for women's liberation. Are these ice-skates simply surrealist? Or are they a symbol of lightness, gliding, and freedom?

Crow Catcher, Leonora Carrington, 1990

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Since founding in 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) has earned a global reputation for the quality of it's collection, innovative and extensive education programs, and architecturally significant campus.

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What is this helmet made of?
Clue: it's one of the fastest growing plants in the world
Bamboo helmet of foot soldier from Late Qing Dynasty, China National Silk Museum

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