Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies
Seongnam-si, South Korea

The Academy of Korean Studies was established to revitalize the field of Korean Studies by conducting in-depth research and offering education on related subjects. Activities by AKS range from conducting research on Korean culture from both humanities and social science perspectives to educating and training researchers and higher education professionals, collecting, researching, translating and publishing Korean classics, and publishing and disseminating research results in the Korean Studies field. Its activity areas also include compiling and distributing major reference works such as the Encyclopedia of Korean Culture and the Digital Encyclopedia of Korean Local Culture, digitalizing and disseminating academic information in the Korean Studies field, engaging in cooperation and exchange activities with academic institutions in Korea and overseas and conducting programs and projects aimed at improving the international community’s understanding of Korean culture.

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Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)323 Haogae-ro
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
South Korea
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