International Museum Day 2020

From iconic art to cutting-edge fashion, get a better appreciation and understanding of culture from around the world

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The J. Paul Getty MuseumNational Academy of San LucaArchivo General de la Nación - MéxicoNational Palace MuseumBeirut Art Residency
and 76 more collections

Follow in Michelangelo's footsteps

Discover his work beyond the Sistine Chapel

Zoom into his sketches

Did you know Michelangelo was also a genius in military strategy?

See masterpieces, up close

Zoom into the details in Kandinsky, Titian, Raphael and more

Hats off

Understanding the links between history, culture, and headwear

What A Hat Can Tell Us

Highlights from one woman's collection of 128 hats

Craftsmanship is everywhere

The skills that weave the world together

See anthropological figures up close

Ceramic figures from Colombia's Museo Arqueológico MUSA

Come Face-to-Face With History

Meet the Scientist Who Discovered X-Rays

Find out why Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen never patented his discovery

See natural history come alive

Animating one of the largest animals ever to inhabit our planet

Old buildings, new tricks

How a historical building started a new life as an exhibition space

What comes next?

Designing the future

The Latest Trends in Digital Production

Showcasing the more experimental side of emerging art