Made in Japan

A showcase of Japanese crafts and traditions, and the untold stories behind them

In collaboration with

NHK Educational Kyoto Women's University, Lifestyle Design LaboratoryThe Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, FUREAIKANTottori Prefectural Government
and 13 more collections

Meet the masters

Step inside the workshops of the island's greatest artisans

The stories behind Japanese traditions

From sushi to the kimono, learn about the traditions of Japan with NHK Educational

Explore the colors of Japan

The deep greens of Bonsais and vibrant reds of Daruma dolls

Spiritual crafts

Beyond beauty and practicality, the crafts used in traditional and spiritual rituals

Lost and found

The revival of lost Japanese crafts

Wood and bamboo

Crafts made from nature


From Kyoto Ware to Arita Ware

Meshiagare! Flavors of Japan

Explore the first installment in an adventure through Japan's unique food culture

Metal and stone

The Japanese landscape made it an ideal place for metal and stone crafts

Textiles and clothing

The stories and materials behind what we wear

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