Healthcare Heroes

Artists create #PortraitsForNHSHeroes in this new project by Tom Croft
Cover portrait by Darren Butcher

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Paintings in Hospitals
"We are humans. We need connection with other people. Art acts as an anchor to our humanity"Marion Lynch, Former Deputy Medical Director at NHS England, South East
"I will never forget their kindness and how privileged I was to have witnessed the bravery, laughter and tears of care home staff in these extraordinary times. They are all truly heroes"Sandra Bruce-Gordon, Paintings in Hospitals Director

Personality in PPE

Portraits of healthcare workers in the full personal protective equipment they wear on duty

"I find hope in the smallest of human gestures, which gives me strength to keep smiling and caring and sharing positively."Rachel, NHS Keyworker

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Invigorating reds, cheery yellows, and calming blues

"Stunning art capturing a moment of team spirit and uncertainty of what was to come."Worthing Hospital ICU Team
"This exhibition has inspired so many artists as well as myself. I am so very grateful, because I feel like I have re-joined the land of the living."Hazel Tyrrell, artist